Standon Calling is proud to be working alongside Attitude Is Everything to make the festival as access-friendly as possible. If you have a disability, specific requirements, or care for someone who does, we would like to understand your access needs in full so you can have a brilliant festival weekend.


Accessible requests for Standon Calling 2021 are now OPEN!


They will strictly close on 02.07.2021 to ensure a high standard of delivery, so we recommend you get in touch with us as soon as possible.


Take a read of all the information below and if you have any questions, please contact our Accessibility Manager, Rob Lee at any time:

How do I get in touch to discuss my access needs?

The best way to contact us is via email:

If you do not feel confident communicating via email, please provide a contact number and we’ll call you back to have a chat.

Alternatively, if you would like to write to us our postal address is: Standon Calling Ltd, 25 Horsell Road, London, N5 1XL

We endeavour to respond to all access queries within 10 working days, but this can occasionally take longer during busy periods.

How accessible is the festival site?

Standon Calling is a green field site.

We have a fairly level festival arena and an accessible campsite which is predominantly flat and suitable for wheelchairs.

However, as with any festival site, the terrain can be uneven in places and there is a hill on the walk to the general campsite. If it rains, it may get muddy.



Distances on Site

The festival site is fairly compact, offering short distances to travel between the Accessible Campsite and all the main festival stages. Distance between key locations in 2020 are currently TBC, these were the distances between the Accessible Campsite and key locations in 2019:

Main Stage – 140 metres / Electric Willows – 245 metres / Laundry Meadows – 60 metres / First Aid – 80 metres / Accessible Car Park – 195 metres

*Maximum distance between two furthest stages – 320 metres

Bookable Access Facilities & Services

You can request use of the following access facilities and services at Standon Calling festival:

  • A complimentary personal assistant ticket
  • Space in the accessible campsite
  • An accessible parking pass
  • A disabled viewing platform pass (Main Stage)

To request use of the facilities please complete our Accessible Request Form which can be found here.  Once you have filled out this form, you will need to provide evidence of your disability to support your request.

Please scan or photograph the evidence and send it to Alternatively, you can post it to the following address:

Rob Lee, Standon Calling Ltd, 25 Horsell Road, London, N5 1XL

The following forms of copied evidence are accepted:

  • Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate required)
  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate required)
  • Evidence of being severely sight impaired (blind)
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card
  • CredAbility Access Card with a +1 symbol

We recognise that the evidence stated above might not include everyone who has an access requirement. If you do not have any of the above evidence but wish to apply for a PA ticket you are welcome to email or post copies of any additional evidence that supports your application. Alternatively you can contact us to discuss your application. All applications will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Please note, the strict deadline for requests is 02.07.2021. Apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Personal Assistant Tickets

For those who require assistance when attending the festival we provide one free ticket for their Personal Assistant (PA). To gain a PA ticket, disabled attendees must first purchase a ticket for themselves from our website herethen fill out the “2 for 1 Personal Assistant” section on our Accessible Request form.

Please do not buy a ticket for your PA as this will not be refunded. We will not be able to refund any tickets holders who become a PA at a later date.

Accessible Camping

The accessible campsite is located close to the festival arena to allow easy access. To book a place in accessible camping, please fill out the ‘Accessible Campsite’ section of the Accessible Request Form.

Once you have filled out this form, you will need to provide evidence of your disability to support your request.

There are accessible toilets and showers, a covered charging point for electric wheelchairs and a kettle location in the campsite.

The festival’s access team are based in the accessible campsite and can assist with any issues.

Due to limited space, we allow a maximum of 4 adults per group in the accessible campsite (including yourself and any PA). We can accommodate a reasonable number of additional children as part of your group.

We also ask that you don’t bring a tent larger than required, while gazebos or additional structures are strictly prohibited.

It is possible to bring a campervan into the accessible campsite, but space for this is strictly limited and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please discuss this with us in advance of the festival. You will be required to purchase a campervan ticket in addition to you weekend festival ticket in this instance. If you require power for your campervan due to a medical condition, please provide details in the Accessible Request Form.

Please note, the strict deadline for all accessible campsite requests is 02.07.2021. Apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Accessible Car Parking

We offer free accessible parking for weekend and day ticket holders with access requirements. The Accessible Car Park is located near the Accessible Campsite. If you are disabled and require accessible parking, please fill out the ‘Accessible Parking’ section in the Accessible Request Form.

You will then need to provide evidence of your disability to support your request.

Please note, we are not able to refund any car park tickets purchased in error. The strict deadline for accessible car parking requests is 02.07.2021. Apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Disabled Viewing Platform Pass (Main Stage)

There is a viewing platform overlooking our Main Stage. To gain access, please fill out the ‘Disabled Viewing Platform’ section in the Accessible Request Form. This means you will have a viewing platform wristband during the festival and will be allowed access onto the viewing platform.

You will need to provide evidence of your disability to support your request.

You can also request one Personal Assistant lanyard, which will allow you to easily change the person who joins you on the platform. Only one PA will be able to accompany you at a time to allow enough space for other access audience members.

There is an accessible toilet on the viewing platform, as well as seating. The platform is monitored by a steward at all times who will ensure only those with the correct accreditation are permitted access.

Please note, across the festival weekend, the viewing platform is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


There are disabled toilets located in the accessible campsite, the main stage viewing platform and in the first aid tent.

All toilets are located either in back of house, or will be monitored by stewards, so there is no need for a radar key. Your wristband will grant you toilet access at all of these facilities.

There are also accessible toilets located in each toilet block in the arena.

Assistance Dogs

Standon Calling is a dog-friendly festival, with many attendees choosing to bring their dogs. We ask all dog owners to keep their dog on a lead at all times, and also to pick up after themselves.

What to do on arrival

If you arriving at the festival by car, please follow the signs for “Access”. You will be directed to the accreditation office where you will collect your wristbands. You will receive an email closer to the time of the festival with full instructions on the arrival process.

If you are arriving by public transport, please contact us in advance so we can arrange for the accessible team to collect you from the dedicated pick up and drop off point in the car park. Taxi pick up and drop off points for people with access needs will be highlighted on the 2021 accessible map (coming soon).

Remember to check festival entrance opening times (released closer to the time of the festival) to ensure a smooth arrival. You will not be able to enter the festival outside of these times.

What to bring to gain entry to the festival

Your ticket (we can scan this on your phone, or print it at home) and your ID.

There is no need to bring evidence of disability if you have already provided it to us during your application.

Medical & Welfare: On-site services

We have 24 hour medical and welfare facilities that can be found in the welfare tent in the arena. If you have any specific questions relating to a medical need during your time with us at the festival you’d like to discuss in advance, please email us:

There is also a medication fridge located in the accessible campsite. Please ensure you have filled out the ‘Fridge’ section in the Accessible Request Form if you would like make use of this.

If you are bringing a campervan and require power for your own fridge, please request this in the request form by 02.07.2021.

If you are attending the festival for one day only and need to store medication, please contact us by 02.07.2021 so we can arrange storage with our on-site medical team based in the festival arena.

If you have any specific questions relating to a medical need please contact us using the email address.

Deaf Attendees

BSL – Performance Interpreting

We are in discussion with Performance Interpreting about bringing BSL trained performance interpreters to Standon Calling. Deaf attendees who are interested in this service should contact us at before 20.05.21.

Hearing Induction Loop

There is a hearing induction loop located in the accessible accreditation cabin, main box office and in the information tent located in the festival arena. If there is a specific venue at the festival where you would like to request a hearing induction loop, please contact us in advance of the festival.

Strobe Lighting

Please be aware that strobe lighting is used during some performances at the festival.


Performance schedules are displayed on large print boards at each stage. We can also provide large print programmes, the deadline for this request is 02.07.2021.

Mystery Shoppers

Attitude Is Everything recruit mystery shoppers and volunteers to visit Standon Calling. If you would like to attend Standon Calling as a mystery shopper and provide feedback to help us improve our access facilities in future years please visit their website here.

We encourage all other festivals to work towards becoming access-friendly. More information on how to do so can be found here.

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