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If your query is ticket related, please contact your relevant ticket agent below.

Ticketmaster ticket holders – please enquire here.

Kaboodle ticket holders – please contact standoncalling@kaboodle.co.uk

Universe ticket holders – please enquire here.

All other queries

To contact the team at Standon Calling, please use the blue ‘Support’ button in the bottom right corner of our website. It’s there to help you to find the answers you need.

The system will firstly try to direct you to a specific answer based on your question so that you can access the information that you need, quicker. 

If you still can’t find what you need, you will be prompted to fill in a form with your information. It’s important to provide all the information requested in the form to ensure we can answer your query as quickly as possible.

Do you already have a Standon Calling ticket?

If you have a question about an existing booking, it’s important that you provide the email address associated with your booking, as well as the booking reference number. This will allow the relevant ticket agent to find your booking and resolve your query quicker.

Only leave these fields blank if you are not a Standon Calling ticket holder.

Can I email you directly? 

All Customer Service queries are now being handled through the ‘Support’ button on our website so that we can deliver a better service. Unless you have a specific query (please refer to this section below) then please reach out via the ‘Support’ button.

Can I contact you via social media? 

We love to interact with you on social media and your lovely comments and messages are encouraged! However if you have a question about the festival or about your booking, it’s best to contact us via the ‘Support’ button on our website.

When is best to get in touch?

In the weeks leading up to the festival we receive a very high volume of questions. While we have dedicated staff responding throughout this period we cannot guarantee we will be able to respond to your query in time. We recommend that if you’re planning on contacting us for any reason, you do so as early as possible.

For specific queries

For press enquiries please contact nathan.hetherington@zeitgeist.co.uk

For sponsorship and partnership information, please contact: partnerships@standon-calling.com

For trader applications, please contact: traders@standon-calling.com

If you are thinking of joining us for the weekend this summer and there are more 8 or more adults in your group, get in touch about bespoke group deals: groups@standon-calling.com