🌵 You’ve been invited to Summer in Strange Valley, population 17,001.

☀️ A small town newly emerged between the rolling hills of the English countryside, all is not what it seems…

👽 A curious, transient phenomenon of colliding dimensions and celebration, experience the supernatural.

✨ Be forever changed, expanded and enlivened by the twisted truth as the living, the beyond and everything in-between come out to play this July.

🌈 Remember, if you visit Strange Valley, you’ll need to blend in. Especially if you want to join the parade of universal souls and win unique, unknown prizes.

There’s just 10 WEEKS TO GO until the town’s big event.

See it for yourself, if you dare…

The Costume Parade

Strange Valley welcomes all creations...

Don’t leave your imagination at home! Each year we take the opportunity to tell a new story, and a themed world comes to life as the festival unfolds across day and night.

In the past we’ve told tales of Murder on the Standon Express, Gods and Monsters, Running Away from the Circus, A Town of Two Faces, The Legend of the Lost Seas, Tales of the Enchanted Valley and The Future, Twisted Creatures: A Strange Evolution and in 2021 the fields of Hertfordshire hosted Time Turbulence: The Big Remix.

Get Involved!

And win big prizes

Get creative with your costumes! The weirder, the wackier, the more-outside-the-box, the better!

You never know, you could be stood on our main stage as the winner of our best-dressed competition…

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