26-29 JULY 2018, Hertfordshire, SG11 1EE

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We are very excited to welcome the Summer Sensorium to Standon Calling 2017. They are offering an amazing range of activities in our new Wellbeing area, produced by Soak Ldn.

You can book your premium pass that comes with a pre-bookable 1 hour hot tub session, full access to the wellbeing area, including unlimited luxury showers, saunas and a waiter drink service.

Relaxing treatments such as Deep Tissue, Swedish Indian Head, Thai and Four-Handed massage, as well as rejuvenating Lymphatic Drainage are on offer too.

*Please make sure to select your hot tub session before choosing the pass type.

Check out classes, workshops and much more on the Summer Sensorium Schedule.



Wellbeing area access for the duration of your pass, unlimited saunas and showers. Includes 1hr hot tub session. Date of day pass access matches hot tub session selection.


Wellbeing area access for the duration of your pass Friday 28th July – Sunday 30th July, unlimited saunas and showers. Includes 1hr hot tub session.


Wellbeing area access for the duration of your pass Friday 28th July – Sunday 30th July, unlimited saunas and showers. Includes 1hr hot tub session to be pre-booked online. Plus, 1hr treatment to be booked in person at the Wellbeing area reception. Please book at earliest convenience on arrival to the festival.

Enjoy a massage treatment from a Massaura Bliss therapist during your Standon Calling weekend.

Book your weekend pass now, with a treatment session included for just £80. Then, once you’re at the festival, book your time slot and select your treatment at the Summer Sensorium.

You will be guaranteed to leave the hands of Massaura Bliss feeling relaxed, renewed and ready for the rest of your festival adventure.

Dr Harriet Berry Yoga

Harriet has been practising yoga for 10 years and has taught yoga and pranayama in India, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Choose from a mix of hatha, vinyasa flow, relaxation or even disco themed yoga!

Almond Blossom Yoga

Come and find your own space in the world with Almond Blossom Yoga through the power of movement and meditation. Find a connection . Namaste beautiful soul.

Laughter Yoga

Exactly what it says on the tin. Reconnect with your zest for life, reduce stress & anxiety, improve communication & connection, increase mindfulness & happiness. Have a laugh!

Nine Lives Yoga

Yoga Party

Whether you’re brand new or a full time levitating yogi this yoga party will take you on a charismatic journey from yoga to dance and back again to your inner Zen smile. And there’s glitter!

Acroyoga Airport

Explore your spirit of adventure, learn to fly! This workshop explores partner yoga acrobatics and may just spin your world upside down 😉

Humandala Celebration

Explore your body through connection with ‘Humandala’ sacred geometric formations and human kaleidoscopes. Find freedom of expression through this community practice with games and group yoga flows.

Nourishing Partner Yoga Flows

Beautiful breathing, soulful connection with a playful spirit and heart burst wide open. Bring your partner, or come alone and we’ll we can form pairs as part of the workshop.

Morning Meditation with Jody Schroeder

Start your day in a restorative fashion, before all the fun of the festival.

Evening Meditation with Alex Pinkerton

Round off your day chillin’. A great class for beginners as you explore the fascinating relationship between consciousness and the environment around you.

Shake Awake

Shake Awake brings you an alternative morning experience that will leave you feeling revitalised and ready to conquer the festival! Embrace the day full of energy and inspiration.

Mindful Movement Class with Jody Schroeder

Friday – 14:00

Explore the world of movement, the importance of breathing technique, fitness, chi gong and yoga with Jody Schroeder, a professional breakdance and acrobatics teacher and performer.

The New Craft House

Founded by childhood friends and craft fanatics Rosie and Hannah, The New Craft House aims to spread the joy of craft to everyone!

Customising Sunglasses

Give a pair of sunnies a makeover in this workshop. Make them glitzy and colourful, or stylish and chic with our range of embellishments. Your eyewear will be the talk of the festival!

Flower Headbands

Make your own completely unique festival flower headband in this easy workshop. They’ll be flowers of all colours and sizes for you to get creative with and help you stand out as you strut the festival fields.

Pom Pom Headdresses

Come to our pom pom workshop and make a loud and proud pom pom headdress!