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Why has Standon Calling 2020 been postponed? 

This was a heartbreaking call to have to make, but unfortunately due to the widespread effects of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Standon Calling will not go ahead as planned in July 2020. This is in the interests of public safety and to reduce pressure on the emergency services.

When will Standon Calling next happen?

The next Standon Calling festival will be held from 22nd-25th July 2021.

Why have you come to this decision?

We reviewed a number of different scenarios including going ahead in July, postponing to later in the summer as well as postponing to 2021. Sadly, it looks likely that social distancing measures could be in place for much of this year and we have had to make the heartbreaking decision that Standon Calling will not take place in 2020. 

What’s the reality facing Standon Calling and other small independent festivals moving forwards? 

Like most other small independent festivals, we don’t have the infrastructure and cash reserves to mitigate against a significant financial loss. We make the majority of the money needed to run the festival through the bars and traders. So if the festival doesn’t go ahead, we lose out on a significant proportion of our annual income.

The money from advance ticket sales always goes into supplier deposits, staff payroll, advertising and some artists deposits which have already been committed to and paid. Due to the current circumstances, our insurance doesn’t protect us against the Coronavirus, and therefore we’re unable to claim all of this money back.

We operate within really tight margins where every revenue stream counts. Our motivation to keep putting on Standon Calling every year, is that we are passionate about the festival and the positive experience that it delivers to our audience and Local Community. 

Standon Calling is only made possible by each and every one of you, and this year, we need our community to come together more than ever.

Why aren’t you insured? 

Each year we take out cancellation insurance to cover us against a number of potential challenges e.g. bad weather.  The unprecedented nature of Coronavirus means that it is not something that is covered by our insurance.

What happens if I’ve already bought a ticket for Standon Calling 2020?

All tickets for 2020 have been rolled over to 2021’s festival. For those who applied for a refund during our refund request period (7th – 21st May), your refund is being processed and should be with you between Thursday 16th July and Monday 31st August at the latest. We appreciate your patience here.

What are the benefits of rolling over my tickets to 2021? 

Just for starters…

1) As a token of our endless gratitude, you have automatically been entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 20 weekend festival tickets for life or 1 of 50 £50 bar tabs. Draw date to be announced soon – keep your eyes peeled on our social pages!

2) Your existing tickets are cheaper, or the same price, as those now on sale for the 2021 festival.

3) You’ll be supporting an independent local business survive unprecedented times and you will directly enable us to keep the festival going. To find out more about how Coronavirus has impacted the independent festival industry, please see this recent article from the BBC.

4) You will be supporting the arts, music and culture industries during a difficult time for the sector (can you imagine lockdown without these?!)

5) You’ll get first refusal for and discounted prices to attend any potential other smaller events we curate as and when the social distancing rules relax.

6) Our fifteenth birthday was set to be the best Standon Calling yet. We will be putting all our efforts into delivering an unforgettable show in 2021.

7) We’ll be sharing exclusive online entertainment over the summer with all those who roll over their tickets. 

8) We’re all going to need to celebrate together once we’re through the other side.

I’m not yet sure if I can make the new date…

If you can’t make next year’s dates, we will happily roll your tickets over to 2022. Please contact your relevant ticket agent in line with the instructions below. If you’re not sure of your ticket provider, please check your booking confirmation email. 

Kaboodle ticket holders

Please contact Kaboodle directly at standoncalling@kaboodle.co.uk with the subject line “Standon Calling 2022 Ticket Rollover”. Please ensure that you also provide your booking reference number.

Universe ticket holders

Please email us at info@standon-calling.com with the subject line “Standon Calling 2022 Ticket Rollover”.

Will the Line Up be the same for the next festival?

In all honesty, we’re not sure yet. Whilst there will inevitably be changes, we will try to retain as much of the Line Up as possible whilst taking on board feedback received this year. Our 15th anniversary theme ‘The Party of All Time’ will remain. 

My tickets have been rolled over to 2021. What do I need to do?

Firstly, thank you for supporting us in this way. We know that Coronavirus has created financial pressure for everyone and therefore your support is all the more heartwarming and appreciated. Regarding your tickets you don’t need to do anything. All ticket types bought through our official outlets (Kaboodle, Universe, Verve) will remain valid for the rescheduled event in 2021. We look forward to seeing you then!

Will the ticket price for 2021 change? 

Tickets will remain at the current price throughout this summer. You won’t be able to get hold of tickets for 2021 any cheaper than you have already.

By 2021 the Under 18 tickets in my booking will no longer reflect my child’s age. Do I need to change any Under 18 tickets if they fall into a different age bracket?

Your child’s tickets will be upgraded to the relevant bracket free of charge if necessary. 

If you are a Kaboodle ticket holder, please contact standoncalling@kaboodle.co.uk if you need to upgrade your Under 18 tickets. 

If you are a Universe ticket holder, please contact info@standon-calling.com and provide details from your order.

If you are a Verve ticket holder, please contact support@verve.co if you need to upgrade your Under 18 tickets.

Please note that the name on the upgraded ticket must match the name on the old ticket.

What about my camping upgrade – Lavish Lands, Camplight, Boutique?

The same applies here, as with your festival tickets. 

What about my add ons – Backstage Bar, Hot Tubs, Parking?

As above.

I bought my tickets using the payment plan. I would like to keep my tickets, but what happens with my instalments?

You don’t need to do anything. All payment plan customers will still have their monthly payments debited on the original payment dates.

We understand that these are financially difficult times for everyone and it may not be possible to continue with your monthly payments at this time. If you would like to keep hold of your payment plan tickets you can choose to pause any outstanding payments by emailing standoncalling@kaboodle.co.uk and asking them to pause your payments. We’ll freeze your booking until November 6th 2020, at which point your payments will resume – we’ll remind you of this closer to the time.

I’ve missed the 21st May refund request deadline, am I still able to get a refund?

Unfortunately refund requests for Standon Calling 2020 are now closed.

What’s the timeframe for refunds?

If you have requested a refund, this is currently being processed by our ticket agents. 

You should receive the funds via your original payment method between Thursday 16th July and Monday 31st August at the latest.

Whilst every effort will be made to stick to these timelines, this is an ever-changing situation. As such, these timelines may be subject to change depending on the number of refund requests we receive. If there is a significant change to the timeline above we will update you. 

Will I get the full amount back?

You will receive the full face value amount back, but you will not be refunded any booking fees – these are charged by our ticket agents.

I have requested a refund but have not heard anything back. What should I do?

We kindly ask for your patience while our ticketing agents deal with an unprecedented workload and reduced staff numbers. Delivering refunds is a time-consuming, manual process and for this reason we ask that you not call and chase refund requests once these have been submitted as this slows down the refund process. Rest assured, if you have requested a refund, we’re working on it!

Please read this statement requesting “patience & kindness” at this time from the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers.

“The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers asks ticket buyers to be patient and kind, not to flood contact centres with calls and emails and to wait for ticket sellers to contact them regarding exchanges and refunds.”

I bought a ticket through a different ticket provider – can I still get a refund?

Only tickets purchased through our official ticket agents (Kaboodle, Universe and Verve) are eligible for refunds. If you have purchased from an alternative ticket agent, please contact them directly.

I have a disability and have requested use of the Accessible facilities for Standon Calling 2020.  How will the postponement affect me?

If you are rolling your tickets over to 2021 – great! You don’t need to do anything else, your Accessible requests will be carried over to next year. If you choose to refund your tickets, your Accessible requests and Personal Assistant tickets will automatically be cancelled.

I was planning on volunteering at Standon Calling 2020 – what happens now?

We will still need volunteers in 2021. Please find out more information about volunteering here. If you have signed up to volunteer in 2020 and have questions, please contact volunteers@standon-calling.com

What does this mean for Ambassadors and the tickets I’ve sold?

All tickets, unspent points and claimed rewards will roll over to 2021. If you have any specific questions, please contact support@verve.co directly. 

I won tickets through a competition, are these still valid for 2021?

Yes your tickets will automatically be rolled over.

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