23-26 July 2020, Hertfordshire, SG11 1EE

Here at Standon Calling we’re committed to making the festival as access friendly as possible, working alongside our partners Attitude is Everything. We aim to cater for all access needs to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.  If you have a disability, specific requirements, or care for someone who does, and plan on joining us, we would like to understand your access needs in full. Our application process is now open.

How does it work?

For those who require assistance when attending the festival we provide one free ticket for their Personal Assistant (PA). To gain a PA ticket, disabled attendees must first purchase a ticket for themselves from our website herethen fill out the “2 for 1 Personal Assistant” section on our Accessible Request form which can be found here.

Please do not buy a ticket for your PA as this will not be refunded. We will not be able to refund any tickets holders who become a PA at a later date.

Once you have filled out this form you will need to provide evidence of your disability to support your request.

Please scan or photograph the evidence and send it to access@standon-calling.com. Alternatively, you can post it to the following address:

Standon Calling Ltd, 25 Horsell Road, London, N5 1XL

The following forms of copied evidence are accepted:

  • Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate required)
  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate required)
  • Evidence of being severely sight impaired (blind)
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card
  • CredAbility Access Card with a +1 symbol

We recognise that the evidence stated above might not include everyone who has an access requirement. If you do not have any of the above evidence but wish to apply for a PA ticket you are welcome to email or post copies of any additional evidence that supports your application. Alternatively you can contact us to discuss your application. All applications will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

The deadline for free PA ticket requests is Friday 12th July 2019.  We will not be able to process any free PA ticket requests received after this date. Please apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment!

How do I apply?

The application form is now open and can be found here.

Any questions?

We have a dedicated access page aiming to answer all of your questions here.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email access@standon-calling.com and our Accessibility Manager – Rob Lee – will be in touch. If you do not feel confident communicating via email, please contact Rob with a number he can contact you on and he will give you a call. Alternatively, if you would like to write to us our postal address is: Standon Calling Ltd, 25 Horsell Road, London, N5 1XL

We endeavour to respond to all access queries within 10 working days, but this can occasionally take longer during busy periods and in the run up to the festival.