25-28 JULY 2019, Hertfordshire, SG11 1EE

Line up

Erol Alkan

Simian Mobile Disco

Norman Jay MBE

Fleetmac Wood DJ in a silver cape and a black top hat playing a tambourine

Fleetmac Wood

La Fleur

Menendez Brothers

Crazy P Soundsystem | Groove Garden

Eli Escobar | Groove Garden

Luke Solomon | Groove Garden

Ray Mang | Groove Garden

Justin Robertson

Justin Robertson | Groove Garden

Delia Teşileanu (Soho Radio)

Emily Dust (Soho Radio)

4 to the Floor (Soho Radio)

Tasty Lopez (Soho Radio)

Sounds Familiar: Music Quiz

Feeling Gloomy

Danny Byrd in a blue shirt looking up to the left against a background of red and orange pictures hanging on a blue wall

Danny Byrd | Hospitality Takeover

Metrik looking down to the left in a black ti shirt against a black background

Metrik | Hospitality Takeover

Fred V | Hospitality Takeover


Makoto | Hospitality Takeover

Hugh Hardie wearing a black jacket over a white t shirt against a blurry background

Hugh Hardie | Hospitality Takeover

LENS hospitality

LENS | Hospitality Takeover

carasel hospitality

MC Carasel | Hospitality Takeover

Ruthless MC

Ruthless MC | Hospitality Takeover

DJ behind decks above a photo of David Bowie

Bowie Disco

Dig It Soundsystem featuring a men at work road sign, the man is wearing headphones

Dig It Soundsystem

Club De Fromage

Black and white Kid Fiesta

Kid Fiesta