25-28 JULY 2019, Hertfordshire, SG11 1EE

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Line up

Lucy Porter sitting on the floor in a white dress holding sparklers in both hands

Lucy Porter

Kerry Godliman wearing a blue dress standing in front of colourful wallpaper

Kerry Godliman

Seann Walsh wearing a black suit standing with arms folded against a white background

Seann Walsh

Headshot of Rhys James against a purple background

Rhys James

Spencer Jones wearing a brown tracksuit and a hat made of tennis balls, standing in front of a red background in a comedy kung fu pose

Spencer Jones

Naomi Cooper smiles at the camera hiding her face slightly behind a yellow coat, against a white backdrop

Naomi Cooper

Cally Beaton looking unamused to the right against a grey background

Cally Beaton

Marcel Lucont's Whine List logo next to an image of Marcel Lucont looking at the camera

Marcel Lucont’s Whine List

Timberlina, a bearded lady dressed as Jesus in colourful robes against a blue background, juggling clouds

Timberlina FFS!!

Mark Simmons looking anxious with his hands on his hips

Mark Simmons

Glenn Moore wearing a shirt and tie looking at the camera against a white background

Glenn Moore

Owen Robert wearing a shirt and tie looking a little dishevelled against a blue baclground

Owen Roberts

Jack Barry smiling at the camera in a grey t shirt against a grey background

Jack Barry

Jake Lambert smiling in a shirt and suit jacket against a grey background

Jake Lambert