26-29 JULY 2018, Hertfordshire, SG11 1EE

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This summer’s edition of Standon Calling will once again be a cashless affair, with all of the spending money you’ll need for the festival stored on a chip as part of your wristband.

Similar to contactless payment, you use your wristband to pay for everything while you’re with us, from a pint to a t-shirt!


The top-up portal for 2018 is now open!


Make sure you have your ticket to hand to set up your account online.

Please note, you will need to make an individual account for each ticket holder, including under 18s.

Your Top Up Options

1. Choose a set amount of spending money to pre-load onto your wristband

2. Select auto top-up to allow an automatic transfer of a set amount you choose to your wristband when you run out of spending money. Not only does auto top-up make the whole weekend run even more smoothly, you can also bag some reward bar credit.

3. Festival top-up stations will accept cash or card for wristband top ups.

We would encourage you to top up your wristband before you arrive at the festival so you can get on enjoying Standon Calling rather than spending time at the top up stations. You can also continue to use your online account during the festival by using a phone with internet access to track your balance across the weekend, activate auto top up on the go and take advantage of one touch top up payments by securely saving your payment details on the online portal.


Cash refunds will be available at our top up stations only for any outstanding credit on your wristband when you are ready to leave. This is rounded down to nearest 50p, with the difference being donated to our official charity partner War Child UK.

Card refunds will be available online via the Standon Calling website from Friday 3rd August 2018 to Friday 31st August 2018 with a £1 transaction fee.

Refunds will be made within 14 days of your online request. Please note, if you do not apply for an online wristband refund by Friday 31st August 2018, it will not possible to process any refund.

Alternatively, you can elect to donate all remaining credit on your wristband to our official charity partner War Child UK, or to roll over all outstanding credit toward a Weekend ticket to Standon Calling 2019. Please note you need to actively select either of these as your preference on the refund portal before Friday 31st August 2018.

If you choose to roll over credit toward a 2019 ticket, we will send you a unique discount code to be used when purchasing a ticket via our website for Standon Calling 2019. Please ensure you apply your discount code at the time of purchase on the Standon Calling website, as it is not automatically applied at the checkout. We will not be able to retroactively apply your discount code. You must make you purchase using this discount code by Friday 16th November 2018.

If you have any queries about transactions made at the festival, or about a pending wristband refund, please email cashless+sc@playpass.eu with details. Make sure to include your UID number (the unique 14 character series displayed on the back of the chip on your wristband) and, if you made a personal account to top up online before the festival, the email address associated with this.

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