23-26 July 2020, Hertfordshire, SG11 1EE


Our Calling For The Community Award recognises extraordinary acts of courage that have impacted the local Hertfordshire Community and beyond. We’re thrilled to announce the first ever recipient of the award: Finn the Police Dog.

The story of Finn The Police Dog is one that has recently captured the heart of the nation – with his moving appearance on this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. A loyal police dog for a number of years, Finn’s life changed on October 5th 2016 – where, after chasing a fugitive with handler PC Dave Wardell, he was viciously attacked and sustained life-threatening injuries. Refusing to let go of the suspect, despite being injured, he miraculously made a full recovery – and became the face of a campaign to pass a new law that makes it a criminal offence to cause unnecessary suffering to a service animal. Finn’s Law,  as it’s now known, was passed in early April.

Receiving plaudits from the likes of Simon Cowell, Crufts and more – Finn has made an undeniable mark on the community, making him the perfect first recipient of the ‘Calling For The Community Award’.

Speaking about Finn being named as the very first recipient of Standon Calling’s ‘Calling For The Community’ award, handler PC Dave Wardell said:

“I feel humbled and proud that Finn has been recognised and is to receive the very first Calling For The Community award. Finn is my hero. Though now retired, he served this very community with loyalty, dedication and purpose. For Finn to be recognised locally for his service to the community during his working life and now, his service to his kind, in championing the change in law, makes me very proud”

Festival Founder and Director Alex Trenchard said:

“It’s brilliant that Finn will be attending the Standon Calling Dog Show alongside the many other canine participants. The Dog Show has always been a central element of the Standon Calling experience and one that has always brought our festival community together on the Sunday afternoon. The incredible contribution of service animals in our communities is often overlooked but Finn is already changing that. We are honoured that Finn will attend Standon Calling and that he will be the very first recipient of our “Calling For The Community” Award”

For more information on Finn’s Law and their continuing work, head to FinnsLaw.com

Gifting Finn access to the festival for life, he’ll be crowned with the award at the famous Standon Calling Dog Show – taking place on the Sunday of the festival – for what’s sure to be an emotional and heart-warming moment.

Sunday brings Nile Rodgers, Lewis Capaldi and a moving award ceremony for Finn at our dog show. Join us for an unforgettable weekend: