Meet the man behind the madness! The person who brings the late night party to the back of the Main Stage. Mr Ronnie Joice 🎶🎉

When Was Your First Standon Calling?

I actually came on-board with Standon Calling as a marketing co-ordinator back in 2019. Whilst working in the office, I overheard then-festival booker Ami Lord mentioning they hadn’t booked anyone for the VIP bar yet. I had led a previous life as a head booker for live music venues in London before pivoting to digital marketing, so offered my services to step up and help curate the DJs. That’s now become my primary role at the festival, four festivals later!

What's your favourite Standon Calling memory?

Idles on the Laundry Meadows stage was another level. Similarly, Yard Act last year were just a total joy. On the main stage, Lewis Capaldi doing a photoshoot with a load of Instagram-famous pugs was brilliant fun – before he sung his heart out to easily the biggest main stage crowd I’ve seen that hasn’t been headlining at SC. Special mention to Mr Eurovision, Sam Ryder, too. Hearing him belt out Spaceman was special! 
On a personal note, being called upon last summer when the Dive Bar stage collapsed – to help quickly fill in with some DJ help to keep the entertainment going ahead, made me feel really like I’d become part of the lovely Standon Calling family over the years. It’s always nice to know you’re seen as someone dependable, who can be called upon to help steer through not just the good times, but also times of crisis! 

Who are your top picks from this year's line up?

I cannot explain how much everyone needs to make sure they drink up as much of The Cuban Brothers when they hit the main stage on the Thursday. Essentially, a party-popper personified. They will kickstart your festival vibe 1000%. Honestly, my smile stretches ear-to-ear watching them, marvelling how Miguelito gets away with the things he does and stage, infront of a family audience!

Give us fun fact about the Backstage Bar, Ronnie!

Fun fact about the backstage bar?! We eat about 10,000 pizzas throughout the weekend, and that’s just the DJs alone! A mix of hangovers, carb-loading the rave machine, and just a total craving of that sweet, sweet mariana sauce.. helps fuel us through the weekend entertaining the VIPs and lucky masses!

Where can we find you?

Well other than across the festival weekend, hit us up on the links below:


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