Pride at Standon Calling

You have arrived at Pride month; a time of celebration — and of cowering from corporate logos refashioned into rainbows. While old fashioned ideals and violence towards LGBTQ+ people sadly proves the annual event necessary every year, we don’t like to stop celebrating on 30 June. 

Let’s instead use Pride Month to spotlight some of the excellent LGBTQ+ artists performing at next month’s festival. Ready?


Famous for becoming the peoples’ favourite on the second season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK in 2021, Bimini (sometimes known as their social media handle Bimini Bon Boulash) has applied their dizzying performance skills to pop. A raucous single, ‘God Save This Queen’, is already out, and its lyrics reflect Bimini’s experience as a non-binary drag queen (“are you a boy or a girl…or what?” Bimini imitates). Expect a defiant rendition of this, plus many a sex positive cover when Bimini plays at Standon this summer.


At the head of a busy Electronic schedule for 2022, I.JORDAN is one of the more exciting DJ/producers making beats at this year’s Standon Calling. Having collaborated with Fred.Again on the infectious ‘Admit It (u don’t want 2)’, I.JORDAN has opened up the door to a slew of new fans who are delighted to find a new talent creating fresh and crispy beats. This will be one of the more refreshing and buzzy DJ sets of the weekend.

Ezra Furman

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone as inventive working in indie today as Ezra Furman, an American purveyor of bubbling electronic sounds, guitar thrashes and open-hearted lyricism. Her most recent full-length album Twelve Nudes was a bright spot on the 2019 release schedule, finding a place between classic punk à la Ramones and the dance-indie noise of bands like LCD Soundsystem.

Declan McKenna

Having penned ‘Brazil’ at the age of 15 — an infectious indie-pop song that functioned as an anti-anthem during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014 — Declan McKenna has since evolved into something of a Bowie-esque figure. Still a purveyor of protest music (his 2019 single ‘British Bombs’ criticised the foreign policy of the Conservatives), McKenna also releases spacy tunes that transport you to another world…one in which you can spend your time in a festival field feeling as if you, too, are an astronaut.


We could do with sending Lynks to Eurovision. Exciting, bizarre, talented and  visually striking, Lynks is exactly the kind of artist who could end years of dull balladry at the so-called ‘Gay Olympics’. Through songs such as ‘Hey Joe (Relax)’, ‘Str8 Acting’ and the eye-poppingly good ‘This Is The Hit’, Lynks creates an idiosyncratic world in which no beat can be too bulging and no lyric too straightforward. If you end up walking past when Lynks is on, their homemade costumes will no doubt hook you into the party, but you’re best heading that way to begin with because this is not a set to miss.


Awards are not everything, but they can be an extremely good indication of talent too. BBC Radio 1, AIM, DJ Mag and Caribou can’t all be wrong about the talent of one Elkka…and indeed they are not. With her panoramic beats, this producer has crafted a celestial space in which her creations — and the sparkling way in which she mixes them — open up the ears and the mind to a higher plane. To hear the sounds of the Harmonic Frequencies EP out in the fields will be a magical experience. Catch this artist while they’re still pre-album, because when an album does eventually come, it’s going to make Elkka very famous indeed.


With their strobe cover of The Notorious B.I.G’s ‘Big Poppa’, Grove begins a set of enormous sounds drawing from the (now extended) project Queer + Black, which passes on messages such as ‘Fuck Ur Landlord’ and ‘Ur Boyfriend’s Wack’ through pulsating beats and slick bars. With their new single ‘Feed My Desire’, Grove sets out the agenda for their next set of releases: big beat energy reminiscent of The Prodigy meets smouldering vocals that dabble in both rap and singing. It’s an irresistible concoction, and best served live.

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