Standon For Sam!

Picture the scene: you’re in Rome. It’s summer 2021. You’ve just beaten England to become the Euros football champions. Måneskin are on the telly—on Jimmy Fallon, no less. Italy are champions in almost every arena: their football team, their music scene…an Italian even won The Great British Bake Off (God speed you Giuseppe).

Now conjure that feeling in the UK. Could we manifest it? For the Eurovision part of this dream at least: Sam Ryder, it’s over to you.

With his delicate ballad ‘SPACE MAN’ — a piece that explodes into a mega-phonic pop epic —Sam Ryder is our hope for 2022. With the World Cup taking place this winter, could he be our good omen for a big winning year?

Sam Ryder has more than 17million followers across his social media platforms…but he only uploaded his very first cover song in 2020. Just two years has been enough for the Essex native to go from singing along to The Weeknd, to hitting the Eurovision stage in Rome. It’s a mind-blowing rise, one that, though rare, is always a joy to behold. Daði Freyr — Icelandic indie-pop artist and one-time fave for the Eurovision crown — is another such success story: ‘Think About Things’, his 2021 entry, now has 111million streams on Spotify. As you may have guessed, Sam Ryder will be joining us at Standon Calling this summer, following in Daði’s footsteps to draw massive crowds to rejoice in pure pop brilliance.

Of course, Daði lost out to Måneskin last year, but if he’d been able to enter ‘Think About Things’ in 2020 when it was intended, we’ve no doubt it would have won.

Sam Ryder has neither peppy Icelandic synth-pop nor sex-bomb Italian glam rock to contend with, and Eurovision voters love a ballad: his chances are looking good to us!

Whatever the outcome, the singer-songwriter and TikTok star will be taking to the stage at Standon Calling this summer, when you’ll be able to hear ‘SPACE MAN’ (which will have been practised into gorgeous precision) live in the fields then. Of course, there’s also so much more of Sam to hear, including a selection of his popular covers, and other original songs that have been emerging of late, including tracks from his incredible The Sun’s Gonna Rise EP.

Who knows: stand in the Standon Calling crowd this July and you could be hearing the winning entry in a winning year for the UK…

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