Sigrid is a Superstar

Sigrid was only 20 when she wrote “you think you’re so important to me, don’t you?”, a killer lyric on her massive 2018 hit single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ that directly addressed a male producer who squashed her creative process in a writing session. Such vim combined with the natural talent for hit-making that seems to come so naturally to Scandinavian artists (Robyn, Tove Lo, ABBA, AURORA, MØ are all Scandi) was always going to make Sigrid a big hitter.

“I’m young. I don’t care. I won’t quit,” she wrote on the same single and now, almost five years later, that determination has proved itself fruitful indeed. Still releasing through Universal Music’s Island Records, she today drops her second album How To Let Go, which deals in the end of old relationships and the beginning of new ones. It’s an album that is representative of a hardworking young woman on a mad carousel of live shows and squeezed-in writing sessions and a testament to her ability to hang on in a crazy industry while continuing to flourish.

With last summer’s ‘Mirror’ as its centrepiece and a new Oli Sykes (of Bring Me The Horizon) link-up on ‘Bad Life’ to back it up, How To Let Go shows Sigrid at her new matured best — and it’s not the only project that you’ll be able to hear during Sigrid’s set at Standon Calling this summer. There’s also the Griff-collaborating earworm ‘Head on Fire’ to look forward to, a standalone single that is still understandably doing rounds on the radio and inside peoples’ heads the country over. She’ll also likely play some of her big hits from debut album Sucker Punch: expect ‘Plot Twist’, ‘Strangers’ and, of course, that industry-shaking statement of intent ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’.

There are a tonne of albums out today, but plug into Sigrid’s How To Let Go if you’re off to Standon this July because hers will be a set not to miss…and you’ll want to start brushing up on the lyrics ASAP!

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