They’re already playing Standon Calling in 2022…but where could some of the artists on this year’s line-up be by 2025?

At Standon Calling there’s a pedigree of building up new artists in our makeshift village in Hertfordshire and that is something that will never change.

Remember all the acts who’ve gone onto big things (like headlining Glastonbury!) after playing wish us?

Here are five artists who you could be reading in big print within just the next few years if their stars continue to rise…


On the enormity (both in popularity and brilliance) of her breakout tune ‘Peng Black Girls’ alone, ENNY could headline a festival in 2022. She needn’t rush though: as the hits keep coming, the bill-topping set—when it eventually comes—is going to be something to behold.

Last year’s tunes, including the steamy ‘Bernie Mac’, have given way to 2022 tracks ‘Culture’ and ‘Forbidden Fruit’, both proof that ENNY’s creativity is not running dry. Come and see her now for bragging rights down the line.


You’ll know them already—even if not by name. ‘Come Over (Again)’ is a song that you have almost certainly heard on TikTok, and for good reason: it’s a refreshing ribbon of indie rock that’s reminiscent of early Florence + The Machine. So popular has this one song become that gig goers are queuing up from lunchtime in order to get barrier at Crawlers shows.

You’ll be pleased to hear that ‘Come Over (Again)’ is not Crawlers’ only triumphant song. Further tunes, such as ‘I Can’t Drive’, demonstrate the heavier sensibilities of the band and point to a successful career that will see their name appear in ever-increasing font sizes on festival line-ups. Be there at Standon Calling for one of the buzziest shows of the weekend.

Dry Cleaning

Acerbic is a word tailor-made for the dry, witty music that Dry Cleaning make…and chances are they’ll be acerbic on main stages in the not-too-distant future. Characterised by the single ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’, Dry Cleaning’s debut album New Long Leg was one of the most successful releases of 2021, going to an incredibly respectable number four in the UK album charts.

Now, the post-punk four-piece are supporting Yeah Yeah Yeahs on their first UK dates in nine years and are appearing at all of the festivals who have their heads screwed on…of course, that includes Standon Calling. You’ll be able to see Dry Cleaning in our fields this year, and if you want to see one of the hot underground bands of our times then get in before they’re a mere pinprick on an enormous main stage.


Weird and interesting pop is (as we have already proven) coming back in with a vengeance. Electronic artist Grove is one of the people blazing that particular trail: their batshit sounds, which combine dancehall and reggae discipline with elephantine beats, sound their best on gigantic speakers that vibrate and shudder with volume.

That means that you’ll be bopping along to this twisted DnB in time as the sounds pumped out by Grove get more and more popular…you may as well get in early and see them on a stage they’re about to seriously outgrow.


The Mysterines

Peaking in the top ten in March of this year with their heavy indie debut Reeling, Liverpool band The Mysterines have been heading for big things for some time. They’ve been generating quite the cult live following in their hometown for years and the reason for that is simple: they’re an incendiary presence on stage.

Savour the heavy rainfall of guitars and unique vocals of their frontwoman Lia Metcalfe on their debut album and then get your arse to their Standon Calling show because, lord knows, it’ll be one you’ll remember down the line when their name has crept right up to the top of the line-up.

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