Standon Calling proudly present your 2022 talks line up in partnership with Agile Rabbit. All set on the picturesque Lawn of Standon Lordship, an oasis of calm 🌱 ⁣

Captivating speakers include none other than evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, environmentalist, diversity activist & bird expert Dr Mya-Rose Craig 🦅 ⁣Plus a spellbinding History of Witches & Witchcraft ✨

Take time out and prepare to have your mind blown 🤯 Shift your perspective and dip your toe into a variety of fascinating topics. ⁣

Dr. Mya-Rose Craig: Birdgirl

In this special conversation, hear Mya-Rose’s, otherwise known as ‘Birdgirl’ captivating story. She has seen over five thousand different types of bird, that’s half the world’s species by the time she was 20! 

Since she was young, she has visited every continent to pursue her passion, seeing first-hand the inequality and reckless destruction inflicted on our fragile planet. And the simple, mindful act of looking for birds has made her ever-more determined to campaign for all our survival.

Richard Dawkins: Flights of Fancy

Have you ever dreamt you could fly? 

Join David Freeman and legendary evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as they discuss how nature and humans have learned to overcome the pull of gravity and take to the skies. 

From the mythical Icarus, to the sadly extinct but spectacular bird Argentavis magnificens, from the Wright flyer and the 747, to the Tinkerbella fairyfly and the Peregrine falcon. Can you imagine what it would be like to glide and swoop through the sky like a bird?

Or do you let your mind soar to unknown, magical spaces? Explore the flights of the mind, about escaping the everyday – through science, ideas and imagination.

This is one not to be missed!

A History of Witches and Witchcraft

Who were the witches and why did society fear them so much? What does it mean to be a witch today? 

Claire Mitchell QC launched the Witches of Scotland campaign two years ago. She’s trying to secure a legal pardon for the 2,500 people who were convicted and executed under Scotland’s Witchcraft Act. Not just a powerful signal, she hopes to help people today: Covid-19 has led to an increase in witchcraft accusations across the globe

But not all witches are victims. Whether it’s hexing Donald Trump, online covens or witchy self-defence classes, many are using magical practices as a political resistance.

Join Marion Gibson, Professor of Magical Literature, for a sparky conversation about Witches and Witchcraft.


The Green Planet: Behind the Scenes

Discover the secrets of David Attenborough’s landmark BBC series. Producer and Director Rosie Thomas reveals how cutting-edge time lapse technology and the very latest science uncovered the remarkable behaviour of plants. 

By guiding us through the filming process, Rosie will show us that nothing ever stands still. For a plant to survive, they have to get the timing right. These characterful plants play tricks, communicate, and take risks to succeed in their environments. Capturing these moments on film changes the way we see plants around the world and familiar botanical friends on our doorstep. 

What does the impact of Climate Change and biodiversity loss mean for plants and for the future of our planet?

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