The toys are back in town! They’ve escaped the toy box and are marauding across Standon causing chaos and hijinks aplenty.
Can we humans show the toys that we know how to have fun and answer the question…
Who Let The Toys Out? 🧸

The Standon Calling Story

Each year Standon Calling presents a weird and wonderful story to spark creativity across all corners of the festival and tickle your imagination. 

2022 is no different, as Who Let The Toys Out? 🧸 comes to life through immersive storytelling and spectacular settings. YOU – our curious and playful audience – can get involved throughout the weekend, meeting characters, completing quests and getting involved with many 2022 Story themed workshops. 

Plus, don’t miss the true centrepiece of it all, our Annual Costume Parade on Saturday afternoon! Twisting and turning through all corners of our fantasy festival world to meet at the iconic Standon tree, your crazy, creative, handmade and mind-blowing costumes are encouraged. There’s high stakes with prizes to be won too!

Past tales include Murder on the Standon Express, Gods and Monsters, Running Away from the Circus, A Town of Two Faces, The Legend of the Lost Seas, Tales of the Enchanted Valley and The Future, Twisted Creatures: A Strange Evolution and in 2021 the fields of Hertfordshire hosted Time Turbulence: The Big Remix.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months as we reveal more about 2022’s exciting Story – Who Let The Toys Out? 🧸

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