It’s story time again! Tune in to find out about the ups and downs involved in putting on an event like Standon Calling in 2021 and what a close call it was. Against a backdrop of disappearing festivals and general uncertainty, BBC Radio 4 and Grace Dent documented the tense and bumpy ride that lead up to the 2021 festival in their short documentary ‘We Lost Dancing’. ⁣⁣

Capturing interviews with Alex and the team at key moments such as Government announcements and talking to the people that help bring Standon Calling to life each year, this piece gives an insight into the challenges faced by the festival industry during the pandemic.⁣

Emotions were high, reminding us how special it was for us to dance again in the fields of Standon this summer. ⁣Judging by all the comments that were made, both by performers, the audience and the team, everybody was so relieved and delighted that we managed to pull it off, against all the odds! 💃

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