Q&A with Joseph Ebube, UoB Videographer

Every year we team up with the University of Bedfordshire to offer a few students the chance to do a volunteer work experience placement with the festival. Joseph’s skills and ambition caught our eye and we invited him down to capture Standon Calling through his lens. 

We’ve asked Joseph to tell us about his experience and any advice he has for future volunteers!

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about how you came to volunteer as a videographer at Standon Calling?

I am a Nigerian freelance Filmmaker and Visual Artist currently doing a Masters Degree in Film Production at the University of Bedfordshire. I received an email from the school’s career team about the videographer opening at Standon Calling and I decided to apply for it. The application process and interview was straightforward and went well.

2. What was your role on site at the festival? What was it like working alongside a team of professional photographers and videographers?

My role at the festival was videography. On my first day at the festival, I had a chat with one of the production team heads about festival videography, and this helped a lot since it was my first time filming a festival. It was an awesome experience learning and working alongside the other production team members. They were friendly and always open for a conversation about work and other things.

3. What was your favourite part about volunteering for Standon Calling? What surprised you most?

Everything! The food, people, music, energy, everything! It was a mixture of work, fun and good vibes. What surprised me most? That I didn’t contract covid 😂The safety protocols were really good, especially with huge amounts of people.

4. What piece of advice would you give to future volunteers?

Go for it! It’s an experience you won’t forget.

5. Tell us a bit about any fun projects you have coming up and what you hope to do in the future.

I directed a short film a few months ago. It is currently in the post production phase and will be ready soon. I plan to shoot more films on a bigger scale and hopefully more festivals as well.

Thank you Joseph! If you want to check out Jo’s full video of his time at Standon Calling, click the link below and follow him on Instagram jo_thecreative to keep up with his latest work!

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