After an absolutely unforgettable Standon Calling festival in 2021 it’s no surprise that Early Bird tickets sold out immediately.

Our Tier 1 tickets are on sale now for a very reasonable £139 + bf for an Adult Weekend and while we’d like to keep them at that nice price forever, unfortunately we can’t. The Government is increasing VAT on all ticket sales so on October 1st we are raising prices in line with the Government VAT changes and taking a baby step up to Tier 1.5 (£149 + bfs).
Tier 1.5?! What’s that all about? 🤨 ⁣

We don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to get cheaper low Tier tickets! Rather than jump from Tier 1 to Tier 2 (£159 + bfs), we’ve created an intermediate Tier 1.5 that reflects the change in VAT but still keeps prices as low as possible.

You will need to purchase Tier 1 tickets before 23:59pm on September 30th.

We want to be transparent with you about why we’re increasing the price of tickets now as we want as many of you loyal Standoners as possible to benefit from the best priced, low price Tier. Secure your tickets to come and party with us next summer now!

If you’re not able to fork out the full amount now, you can spread the cost of your Tier 1 ticket (£139 + bfs) over 3 interest free instalments by selecting Klarna as your payment option at the checkout.

We can’t let out our secrets about the line up just yet, all we can say is that we have some very special artists in store and we’ve taken the artist survey responses very seriously 😜 You won’t be disappointed. What are you waiting for?


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