Party in the past & forge a better future at the crossroads of all time! ⏳

When uncanny memories of the past are getting down with fantastic visions of the future, it can only mean one thing: a rift in time has opened up and is beckoning everyone to the dance floor at once 💃  
At Standon Calling 2021, the stars are aligning and spacetime is having a wobble. For one weekend only, all possible timelines are converging on a cosy patch of green a convenient distance from the A10 – and that means familiar (and not so familiar) faces from the past, present and future are popping out of portals all over the place. The savviest and the sassiest figures from across all possible timelines are coming together to get us back on track to the future we need ✊
Humanity is at a crossroads: the future is in our hands, and if we don’t choose the right path, the fact that Billy Joel hasn’t released a studio album since 1993 will be the least of our problems. Who can the earth turn to for help if not the species that invented viaducts, solar panels & electro synth? 🎹
The big questions have to be answered. Who are we going to be? Which way will we choose to go? From Beethoven to Boadicea, Humanity’s All Stars are coming together with an impossible lineup that’d make Geldof blush. Their mission is to project vibrations so good time will have to shake itself back into the groove 🌀 
They can’t do it alone. They’ll need the people of Standon Calling 2021 to join their Summit For Our Future: by bringing the noise to the present we can shape the timeline into the one humanity deserves. To get the message through, it’s gotta be loud 📣
Whatever timeline you’re from – especially if it’s one where Daft Punk are still together – will you answer the call? ☎️

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