Q&A with Tom Wilkinson, Site Manager

We’re turning the lens on some of the brilliant and highly-skilled professionals behind the scenes at Standon Calling festival. 

Turning a festival dream into a reality each year, you simply wouldn’t have the festival you know and love without them. 

This time, we’ve asked our cool, calm and collected Site Manager Tom to tell us more about what on earth the Standon Calling Site Manager gets up to year round and during the festival! 

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Standon Calling.  

I’m Tom and I’m the Site Manager at Standon Calling. What that means in a very broad sense is that anything you can see at the festival that’s not a person, a dog, the beautiful country side or the decor will have been deliberately put there by me and my team. Essentially my team and I build the festival infrastructure so that everyone has a festival to come to.

2. What’s the best bit about your job?

I absolutely love designing the layout of the site, working how its all going to fit together, how its going to function and making sure that we design a site that makes the most of the beautiful surroundings and enables the customers to enjoy themselves! I’m lucky to be trusted to make most of the changes I like which means I’m allowed to improve things and tweak things each year so that the festival keeps on improving.

3. What do you love most about festivals?

The people! It sounds obvious and is probably a huge cliché but every single person involved in Standon Calling from the crew and staff to the customers and artists are brilliant. They all know how to look after each other, how to work together and most of all they know how to have one hell of a good time. Standon is a real family affair. At first I was nervous about tinkering about with Lord and Lady Trenchard’s land and garden but they’re incredibly friendly and supportive (and much less demanding than Alex!)

4. Tell us, what’s special about Standon Calling? 

For me its both the location, the locals and the family. I’m lucky enough to work on a lot of different sites and there is something truly special about the Standon site. The hills, river, trees and the valley all combine to make it a beautifully diverse and interesting setting for a festival. It’s also blessed to have some very understanding and kind neighbours. The farmers who own the land are brilliant, the neighbours who live a stones through from the main stage and the locals who are a short walk away are all lovely and very supportive!

Thank you Tom! Building a mini town for the weekend must take a lot of work and skill! We look forward to seeing you at 2021’s festival.

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