Top 5 Themes from the past 15 Years!

We love a theme here at Standon Calling and 2020 is no different. For our 15th anniversary, we’ve concocted another spellbinding story – The Party of ALL TIME – to turn Hertfordshire into an otherworldly experience for one weekend only.

To get you in the mood, we have selected our five favourite themes from years-gone-by to get you ready for this July. Don’t leave your imagination at home!

2008: Japanese Culture

Twelve years ago when the festival was still in its infancy, we turned Hertfordshire into Tokyo with our yearly theme focussing on Japanese culture.

Punters came dressed as anything ranging from Harajuku girls to dragons to wasabi peas. Specific activities were rolled out too – with traditional Japanese tea tasting, calligraphy and the bonkers binocular football.

The crowning moment for this theme though was undoubtedly the underwater disco that scooped the Innovation Award at the 2008 UK Festival Awards.

2010: Murder on the Standon Express

Two years later we ramped up the mystery and took a leaf out of Agatha Christie’s book (literally) with Murder on the Standon Express.

The whole festival was turned into a real life set, complete with actors playing out murder mysteries, games and petty crimes to make this a fully immersive experience.

The ‘town’ of Baker Street was created, complete with Sweeney Todd offering wet shaves, Lord Bingham’s very own fancy dress shop and a Victorian Boozer.

2013: Running Away from the Circus

In 2013 we escaped the circus. As with every year – Standon was fully committed to the theme, but this one really pushed the boundaries. We offered an additional bundle for attendees who wanted to be trained as clowns for the weekend, by none other than circus legend and Cirque du Soleil collaborator Gerald Barclay-Balding. The end result? Fire jugglers, slack rope walkers and trapeze acts; complete with clown clad unicyclists and ringmasters disbursed around the grounds. An incredible sight.

2018: The Future

Two years ago we looked ahead to four possible futures. In a Sci-Fi twist revellers were asked to choose their own destiny as we asked which parallel world they belonged to: Dystopia, Utopia, Earth 2.0 or Cosmos.

Outfits were wacky and wonderful, ranging from Pink Cybermen, to Jedi’s to fully fledged robots. All of these creations were then judged at the annual costume parade before punters saw the future through the eyes of the 80’s at The Great Brain Robbery’s ‘Tech Noir’ event.

2019: Twisted Creatures | A Strange Evolution

For last year’s event things got wild as we let the Twisted Creatures out on the loose. You guys came out in full force with some crazy concepts – multi-coloured butterflies with horns, Medusa inspired head pieces and even a rabbit/human hybrid.

This made the annual costume parade one of the best yet – with prizes including a £200 bar tab with boutique tickets for 2020’s festival.

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